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We recognise the wide variety of outlets in which you can sell your coins. However, when it comes to realising the best prices, we will aim to provide the most competitive offer. Here’s why:


With a wide UK and international collector base we are able to achieve better prices for our items than most other dealers. When it comes to selling we will offer you a quick, easy service and we will always aim to up any offer given to you by other dealers. Unlike many other dealers we are well established with a prominent retail premises meaning that we are accessible and within easy reach of our clients. Visit our Central London premises or phone us (020 7836 0631 / 020 7240 0479) and see for yourself…


Selling at auction:
Auctions rely on adding commission charges to both buyer and seller in order to generate their profits. These can be up to 20% for both buyer and seller and this will no doubt be taken into account by any potential buyer. After an item is sold any additional price that might have been realised may well be absorbed by auction charges, including commission and insurance. The time lag between auctions might also mean that you will have to wait a number of months before your item can be sold.


Selling by Internet:
As with conventional auctions, internet outlets, like Ebay, rely on commission
charges in order to generate their profits therefore reducing the sale price potential. The process itself may be time consuming and uncertain.

Selling you coins

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